The buck doesn't stop with your content.

Any successful business that wants to cut it in today's granite-edged economy needs to market their wares to stay ahead of the game. Static, passive, unevolving websites aren't just treading water now - they sank a long time ago.

At WebSmart, we keep your content alive through careful syndication so that it hits your intended targets - and hits that spot time and again.

To bring you up to speed: SEO - or Search Engine Optimization - simply doesn't work anymore.

It used to.

Today's search engines have become so intuitive that they can sniff out artificial content from a hundred meters - and they will penalise your business for it.

Now you're getting it.

WebSmart isn't just a web development company - and we do that very well.

We're also a business consultancy - which means visiting your business, getting rid of out-dated marketing habits and streamlining your internet presence by implementing core tools that will reshape your online workflow.


Let's start to break that down.

Speed is an essential piece of the pie.

How fast your website loads determines your volume of traffic. If your site is slow, your business is losing approximately 20% of its audience.

Its like having a high-street shop with a jammed front door. If it's difficult to get in, your clients will walk elsewhere.

50% of today's audience is now using a handheld device to access the internet. If your site design hasn't been specifically configured for the mobile market, the chances of even showing up on a major search engine are slim to nil.

Human beings buy with their eyes.

Your site can't just work on a handheld. It has to look good on one too - portrait or landscape - and it needs to look equally hot on a tablet or laptop.

This is what's known as Responsive Design.

(To us, it's just bread and butter.)

You may be surprised, but 90% of the world's websites aren't responsive - and throw away 50% of their business before they've left the starting blocks.


Get with the game.

Anyone can make a website. There are millions of developers who can build the basics. It'll hopefully look nice, and sit there... and sit there.

But building a website that converts - in other words, a site that encourages potential clients to call, or to sign up, or to buy something - should be at the top of your shopping list.

After all, what's the point of being in business if you're not converting window-shoppers into faithful customers? This is known as Conversion Optimization - and it's something we specialise in at WebSmart.

Let's just call it what it is.


Without it you join the rank and file.

Get your content right - and write it for your audience, not for the robots at Google. Search engines follow people now, and not the other way around. Spamming your pages with keyword after keyword was so Noughties, and it worked until search engines like Google really began to sharpen their knives.

In the trade? We call it Human Optimization.

If you don't have an in-house writer, WebSmart can provide you with an experienced team who can write (or rewrite) intelligent, engaging, persuasive copy that sticks.

We're good at that, too.


Addicted to Twitter? Your target market may not be.

We will probe your intended audience's online habits to find out which social platforms they use the most. If you're spending valuable time posting to Facebook when all of your customers are on Faceparty, you're just marking time.

We will teach you how to harness the social media that fit you best in order to make the most gains. The buzz-phrase? Social Media Optimization.

We will teach you how to integrate systems like Lead Generation, Customer Relations Management, Support Desks and Project Management Software into your business.

And if you don't know what these are, you soon will.

No rocket science here.

You and your staff have to grow. This is what evolution is all about. And for mutual learning to take place, you need good communication.

Too many businesses these days communicate in too many different ways. Information is lost, or never seen. Left where it is, poor inter-colleague and inter-client communication becomes more Jungle Wire than than cool, efficient dialogue.

You've guessed it: were talking about Communication Optimization. And we have some cracking solutions lined up for you.

Try us. You'll see.

By RunningDog