Business throughout the world is an increasingly competitive animal - in Ubud, with its 300+ restaurants and 800+ hotels and villas for rent - it is Darwinian.

Only the strong survive.

Having a stable, informative, good-looking, fast website isn't just an option anymore - it's a necessity. - based in Ubud for 4 years - specialises in creating, designing, developing and maintaining websites that are geared towards showing your business or hobby in the most functional, most effective and most aesthetically-pleasing light.

Get ahead of the competition.


A site that is down more than up is a positively bad advert for you or your company.

All of's sites run on Zope - a highly professional open-source web environment that's built in the highly stable Python programming language. Well-known for its security model, Zope counts the US Navy and French government among its users and is supported by a dedicated and imaginative world community of web programmers and developers.

All of's sites are served, and continually backed-up, by Quintagroup - a team of talented programmers and IT experts who are always on the wave. and Quintagroup guarantee your website has 99.99% up-time, so that you can be confident your site is up, running and available to your target audience - whatever the weather.

You, your business image and your content are in safe hands.


If you are a designer or a developer, or have a budding interest in designing or developing for the web - or simply want to see what goes into a site created by - why not find out a little more about the worlds of web color, usability & accessibility and cascading style sheets (CSS).

Happy Ubud surfing.


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